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Internships & Missions Groups

Each summer we participate in organizing community outreach for each of our participating church plants.  This summer outreach schedule is only made possible by the generous help from supporting individuals, interns, and visiting missions groups from churches all around the USA.  Our internships are not for the faint of heart and will challenge the individual intern with a great deal of hands on experience working with local church planters, organizing events to advance the church's mission, and leading missions groups to do the same.  Our missions groups come for seven to ten days and give us the much needed man power to reach into the heart of a community and connect to people in an evangelistic way.  


These are the basic requirements for being a Summer Internship:

  1. Be 18 or older 

  2. Be recommended by your pastor, youth pastor, or church 

  3. Be a committed and mature Christian 

  4. Have flexibility and leadership abilities 

  5. Be willing to complete your full 8 week term in New York 

  6. Be committed to raising your missions support before arriving 

  7. Be able to flourish in a fast paced, complex, urban setting 

  8. Be covered by your parents or an independent insurance policy

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Missions Groups

Let our team help you as much as possible plan an upcoming missions trip to NYC.

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